Free healthcare may not be quality health care

There are people who believe Americans would settle for socialized medicine. Free care for all may sound good, but someone has to pay the providers. If docs and hospitals became gov’t employees that’s like the VA. Some want Medicare for all, but Medicare is not free and there are fewer providers accepting Medicare reimbursements. Raising reimbursements would increase the premium costs, not unlike private insurance.

We all know veterans continue to fight for the right to see a private doctor because the care at every VA facility is substandard. VA care would be completely unacceptable in the private sector. Having private health insurance, including employer provided, allows everyone to go to the best docs and hospitals, immediately if necessary.

I stand for freedom. If the government ever controls your healthcare, they control you, your life. But the wealthy will be able to afford private docs and procedures that gov’t healthcare doesn’t cover. That medication, procedure, appliance or ambulance isn’t covered. You pay or you do without. Like the VA. Like Medicaid. We can build on what’s good about American healthcare, but it must be managed at the state level with federal protections, never control.