March 2017

Why do I need to look at long-term care insurance?

 Planning for extended care takes time and dialogue. We recommend you look at and consider long-term care insurance because if you or a loved one needs extended care, the family is compromised. Caregiving becomes all consuming. Extended caregiving is a life-changing event. Family relationships become strained. While everyone makes efforts for a loved one to […]

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Saving Healthcare

Explaining insurance and helping with claims issues that may come up after an illness is what professional licensed agents have done for years. We are here to help our client. Now that many consumers go through a government maze to select a health insurance plan, or make changes to their plan, customer service is vanishing.

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Turning 65

Turning 65? Turning 65 introduces new healthcare choices, many quite confusing.  Do you need a Medicare supplement, or a combo plan called Part C?  Which Part D (drug) plan would best cover your medications?  How can you best learn what is right for you?  Talk to or visit a licensed and experienced professional insurance agent–

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Life Happens…

Life Happens… and we happen to sell life insurance. There is nothing more important to a spouse or child than financial security after the unexpected death of the breadwinner. We can help plan your family’s future and their protection using life insurance and/or annuity. To learn more about your options please call us for a

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