Saving Healthcare

Explaining insurance and helping with claims issues that may come up after an illness is what professional licensed agents have done for years. We are here to help our client. Now that many consumers go through a government maze to select a health insurance plan, or make changes to their plan, customer service is vanishing. Agents have never incurred the level of frustration working with health insurance as we have during four years of Marketplace mistakes and inefficiencies, rules that don’t match the law itself (PPACA), technical difficulties, and insurance mandates that don’t serve the American people.

As government continues to control healthcare, we must recognize government control over the people.  Socialized medicine would drastically limit access to care, as physician practices and hospitals would be forced out of business. Medicine is a business, and we must realize access to eventual care is not the same as access to quick, quality care. Do we want our healthcare to be government operated?  We have that for veterans and many lack access to the limited VA facilities where quality healthcare has not made the headlines. 

How about government controlled reimbursements like Medicare and Medicaid for private providers?  At those levels, we would create a huge shortage of facilities and physicians accepting you as a patient. Plus providers accepting minimal reimbursements could not provide the same specialized quality of care using the latest technology and innovations.

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