Wrong Prescription for Healthcare

Medicare for all is not the healthcare cure-all.  Presently, most people pay Medicare payroll taxes all of their working years and still pay $109 up to $428 monthly for Medicare insurance at age 65.  An individual who has not paid into the system (unless a qualifying spouse or child) currently pays over $800 per month for Medicare Part A and Part B. Because there are deductibles and no limit on out-of-pocket expenses, people generally purchase a supplemental plan, paying another premium. Drug coverage is purchased separately with varying premiums.

If everyone were covered by Medicare with its low reimbursement rates, hospitals would not be able to maintain an acceptable standard of care.  Many doctors’ offices would close.  Ambulance services, medical equipment providers and mental health service funding would be slashed.  Medical innovation would stall.  We are accustomed to immediate access to numerous providers, advanced medical technology and specialty medications.

Medicare for all may sound like an easy solution; however, healthcare services are expensive. Therein lies our huge issue:  the cost for care. As the president stated, “It’s complicated.”